• LX250-CB

    LX250-CB is an entry-level full-size off-road motorcycle, which is suitable for a professional off-road vehicle selected when entering the professional off-road field. By selecting a professionally adjusted high torque engine and front and rear suspension systems, this model allows riders to gradually adapt to the handling characteristics of full-size off-road vehicles, with a high cost performance ratio.
  • LX250-PR

    LX250-PR four stroke advanced off-road motorcycle is a full-size motocross suitable for riders who master high off-road technology. Through careful selection of inverted adjustable front shock absorbers and high-capacity pressure nitrogen adjustable rear shock absorbers, this model can bring better trafficability when passing obstacles; The one-piece cast aluminum flat fork can control the vehicle quality while increasing the overall strength. The whole vehicle has been tested and continuously optimized by professional drivers. It has good off-road performance and high cost performance. It is the best vehicle for off-road enthusiasts to become an excellent driver.
  • LX250-NC

    LX250-NC four stroke off-road motorcycle is a professional motocross carefully built according to the highest standard of off-road, designed for top professional athletes in China, and used to participate in national championship events and foreign enduro sport.
  • LX300-NB

    LX300-NB four stroke off-road motorcycle is a high-performance recreational motocross. It uses a stable and reliable NB300 water-cooled engine. After professional adjustment, the maximum power reaches 19kw. Combined with the exclusively adjusted suspension system and control system, it brings better off-road driving pleasure to riders.
  • LX300-NC

    LX300-NC four stroke off-road motorcycle is a kind of motocross suitable for professional venues, which can make the vehicle more comfortable when using in the scenes of bending, jumping, obstacle, etc. by adjusting the shock absorber; The power matching has been upgraded and improved. The upgraded carburetor has a stronger power output and more responsive response.
  • LK150

    LK150 is a children's off-road motorcycle with lightweight equipment, flexible and easy operation, suitable for children with less strength or beginners in off-road practice。
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