Maintenance Knowledge

  1. Change the engine oil frequently.
  This is the most important preventive maintenance you can carry out. Oil is the blood of the engine. Oil can help internal components to lubricate, cool, clean, seal and prevent rust, which can minimize friction. With the increase of time, the oil will be contaminated with pollutants and water, and the effectiveness will be reduced. The oil can make the top or bottom of the car have grip.




  2. Adjust or lubricate the chain.
  Lubricating your car chain can prevent it from rusting. A rusty car chain will make it more difficult for the engine to drive the wheels and offset a large part of the engine horsepower. You should clean, maintain and adjust your car chain on schedule. Otherwise, it will become loose and detach from the chain gear of the car as time goes by. Cause unnecessary economic losses and personal safety hazards.




  3. Check the big and small chain teeth.
  Check the chain teeth to see if there is deformation or broken teeth or other wear. You just need to pull out from the rear of the sprocket. If the gap exceeds a quarter of a foot, you need to replace the sprocket.




  4. Check the bearing and lubricate it if necessary.
  The most important thing is that you need to lubricate every moving part of your car. You need to lubricate your swing arm bearing, steering and wheel once or twice a year. Otherwise, the bearing will get stuck and the slider and wheel will not drive.




  5. Adjust the valve.
  The valve will tighten over time. If the valve is tightened, the heat may cause the valve or piston to melt the cylinder wall and melt each other. Therefore, adjust the valve regularly.




  6. Keep the air filter clean.
  Like you, your motorcycle needs fresh air to survive. Dirty air filters can cause the engine to absorb deposits, such as dirt. When these particles are drawn into moving parts, the parts will wear and even break prematurely. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the air filter, spray the air filter oil, and then reinstall it. If you play in the desert, you are advised to put on a sand net!



  7. Maintain the exhaust.
  Blocked pipes will make it more difficult to exhaust the engine, thus reducing the power. This will also make it difficult to start the car. Therefore, ensure that the pipeline will not be blocked, rusted, excessively oily, and the packing of the exhaust pipe will not be damaged or leaked.



  8. Cables lubrication.
  Rusty stay wire will not only shorten the service life of motorcycle, but also a significant safety hazard. Especially the rusty brake and accelerator cables. Simply lubricating the cable regularly can prevent rusting.




  9. Clean your motorcycle.
  Develop a good habit. Washing your motorcycle can effectively prevent dirt from getting involved in moving parts. This is the simplest preventive maintenance and can detect some minor problems. It's also a motorcycle beauty you can do yourself.