Hot Models

  • LX250-CB

    LX250-CB is an entry-level full-size off-road motorcycle, which is suitable for a professional off-road vehicle selected when entering the professional off-road field. By selecting a professionally adjusted high torque engine and front and rear suspension systems, this model allows riders to gradually adapt to the handling characteristics of full-size off-road vehicles, with a high cost performance ratio.
  • LX300-NB

    LX300-NB four stroke off-road motorcycle is a high-performance recreational motocross. It uses a stable and reliable NB300 water-cooled engine. After professional adjustment, the maximum power reaches 19kw. Combined with the exclusively adjusted suspension system and control system, it brings better off-road driving pleasure to riders.
  • EMX250

    EMX250 is an entry-level off-road motorcycle designed for beginners. It has a low seat height and is easy to operate. It can be easily used for both beginner training and simple off-road driving.
  • LK150

    LK150 is a children's off-road motorcycle with lightweight equipment, flexible and easy operation, suitable for children with less strength or beginners in off-road practice。
  • TLX250

    TLX250 two-stroke off-road motorcycle is a high-performance vehicle for forest road crossing and forest road racing. It is lighter and more powerful than the four stroke vehicle with the same displacement. It is equipped with digital instruments, LED headlights, aluminum alloy handle shields, pull ropes and other forest road off-road special configurations, which are more suitable for the outdoor environment.
  • ELX250-PR

    ELX250-PR four stroke off-road motorcycle is a kind of vehicle suitable for forest roads. It uses a 250CC four stroke, air-cooled, overhead cam engine, a frame made of chrome molybdenum steel, a lightweight design, and CNC aluminum alloy upper and lower connecting plates, front and rear hubs, and left and right handles; By testing and constantly adjusting the shock absorber in the real environment, the vehicle can cope more calmly in the forest road environment, which is suitable for riders with high off-road driving skills.
  • ELX300-NB

    Z6 four stroke off-road motorcycle is a high-performance vehicle suitable for off-road use on forest roads. It features a stable and reliable CBS300 water-cooled engine. After professional adjustment, the maximum torque reaches 23N m; The large caliber competitive carburetor is selected to compress and recover the double adjustable double chamber inverted front reducer and compress and recover the adjustable external air bag single rear reducer. After professional debugging, it has a very high ability to extricate itself from difficulties, which is enough to deal with their complex outdoor road environment.
  • ELX300-NC

    ELX300-NC four stroke off-road motorcycle is a forest road off-road vehicle designed for domestic professional athletes, which is applicable to national championships and foreign forest road off-road vehicles. The whole car configuration is carefully built according to the highest standard, which has been repeatedly tested and carefully adjusted by top drivers for a long time. Every detail reflects the driving spirit of Junchi Racing, which continues to make breakthroughs.
  • RSX150

    RSX150 is a medium and small off-road vehicle with high comprehensive performance. The seat is high and the wheelbase is short, ensuring that the 165cm high rider can land on both feet, reducing the fear of novices caused by the high body of professional off-road motorcycles, which is very suitable for youth training, practice and riders who want to lighten the whole vehicle; It can also be equipped with lamps, instruments, shelves and other functional components to meet the needs of daily transportation, which is very practical.
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